The Lawrence University Conservatory of Music Wind Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Andrew Mast, records some classics as well as some newly commissioned works on this two-CD set. My own Arclight Alley is featured on the recording and was commissioned by Dr. Mast in 2010.

Track Listing:

CD 1

  1. Arclight Alley – David Werfelmann
  2. Turn Not Thy Face – Vincent Persichetti
  3. Awaiting the Ghostbird – John Halvor Benson
  4. Shadja-maalika: Modal Illusions – Asha Srinivasan
  5. the waters of speech are silent – Joanne Metcalf

CD 2

  1. Scenes from a Life Danced: I. – Timothy Mahr
  2. Scenes from a Life Danced: II. – Timothy Mahr
  3. Scenes from a Life Danced: III. – Timothy Mahr
  4. Scenes from a Life Danced: IV. – Timothy Mahr
  5. Symphony No. 6: I. – Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  6. Symphony No. 6: Interlude – Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  7. Symphony No. 6: II. – Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  8. Symphony No. 6: Interlude – Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  9. Symphony No. 6: III. – Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  10. Symphony No. 6: Interlude – Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  11. Symphony No. 6: IV. – Andrew Boysen, Jr.


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